Rise Of The Beast.

This all started back in January 2021. When I First Announced my Controller and started my research on it.  know more

After analyzing many ideas and their cheaper alternatives I finally make a rough design of the controller in October 2021. and presented in the group. know more

First prototype was developed in November 2021 and had many bugs which was obvious for the first proto. Here are some pictures of the controller PCB’s that are ordered. 

1 more Prototype was designed on the first design while fixing all the bugs it had. and it turned out very good now came the most important part of the project which is ease of manufacturing, In which this design was very bad and also some components used in this design were not good for this chip shortage situations. so i decided to redo it from scratch and increase the number of MOSFET’s from 7 to 8 per leg. 

So here came the third prototype which was way better in terms of size and power density, many cost improvements were done on this prototype while keeping ease of manufacturing in mind. Here are some pictures of the design.

This design was ready in almost last week of February 2022 and I started to test my concept with this design in which I tried many busbars concept that are available in off the shelf controllers. Eg. : EmDrive 500, far drivers, Kelly etc. Here are some of my iteration with aluminum bus bars which are made by hand cutting sheet and welding circular busbar to it using TIG .  

So I assembled my first controller with this bus bar and 8 inch thick aluminum billet I had laying around. 

Here are some pictures of first time power up of this controller and the video of first run on my bike.

After some basic tuning of the power stage and motor parameters we decided to stress test this controller. so we can know what it can do.

so I decided to play safe and instead of taking it directly to road test i decided to perform some brake test on this bike . This is some crazy shit that came to my mind as I don’t own a dyno yet. 

And that’s how you fuck up your rotors and pads. 

So after this braking test we decided to go for some road rides .

So after Gaining some confidence In Road riding we decided to take it up a notch and set the currents to extreme levels. 

we tried 900 amp phase on this prototype and 600 amp battery but due to high reduction 1:6 the bike was uncontrollable and jumping like a horse. So we decided to settle for 700amp phase and 600amp battery to see if we can control it. Yes it was a bit controllable and bike was doing wheelie if i pull more than 30% of the throttle. Here is the video.

This was the first wheelie of my life. Got Goosebumps riding this bike that day.

Here is the stats of the trip that day.

The temps in the picture are incorrect because i havent connected the temp sensor on the heatsink. but after the ride we measured 65c with thermal camera which i think is pretty good in ambient temperature of 45c (Typical Indian summers).

Alright so i will sum it up for now more testing videos will come in few days as first batch of my controllers will be sent to beta testers all over the world. i will wait for their results and share them here as well , i will also try to make lower reduction on my  bike and test it at 900 amp phase current. in next upcoming week.

The newer revision is ordered and on the way with improvements in trace width of power stage, better interface of top and bottom PCB for low impedance path of dc link , i also added 2 aux outputs to control the liquid cooling or the fans on different conditions like when temp exceeds certain value, or after 1-2 seconds of power up etc.

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