3 Shul Motors is a power electronics engineering company specialised in designing and manufacturing Motor control systems, BMS, Chargers and Displays.

3 Shul Motors is not just born in a day, it is backed up with 5 years of R&D, testing, sleepless nights, long hours of on road testing, components testing and lot of fun . The development team behind 3 Shul is very skilled and have experience in developing electric sports vehicles too. The team has developed electric motorcycles for the testing of their products in real life conditions. 3 Shul team have developed multiple controller iterations throughout the timeline of 5 years and finally brings the best of it in the market for passionate EV customers and project developers who require an unmatched power packed controller.

The team is tirelessly working towards the implementation and acceleration of performance EV controllers in the global market. Developing multifaceted and multiapplication controllers which can be used in any kind of EV products.

We also design & develop custom solutions for the OEMs or Electric Automotive industries.

Join 3 Shul Motors in electrifying the world with the power of community building. We welcome all passionate EV enthusiasts and developers to buy our controllers and have a taste of real electric performance.

So, what are you waiting for lets visit the Shop!

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