VESC with Built in Performance & Efficiency
VESC Based High Performance Motor Controllers For all kind of EV application.
High Performance VESC Motor Controllers
Check out the series of 3Shul Motor Controllers. Ready To Be Implemented on Electric Skateboards, One-wheels, Motorcycles, Cars, Boats, E-Aircraft Etc. and all kind of Electric Vehicles, applications or projects.
Built to Rule in All Terrains
3Shul controllers are extremely waterproof to provide peak performance in all terrains.
Made In India
3Shul Motors controllers are proudly Designed , Developed and manufactured in INDIA.
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  • 3 Shul Motors specialises in the design and manufacturing of motor controller solutions for Electric Vehicles and all our controllers are indigenously designed and developed in INDIA.
  • 3Shul Controllers operate on open source Firmware Named VESC Coded By Benjamin Vedder.
  • Full control over the hardware and software allows us to bring greater optimisation, features and innovation to our products and solutions.
  • Our controllers support sensorless brushless, sensored brushless and DC motor control methods.
  • The ESCs support a wide range of control and telemetry protocols (UART, SPI, CAN) and multiple position sensors like encoder(SPI, ABI), Hall sensors, HFI, Sensorless etc.


350 Series

1400 Series

700-1000 Series

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